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Samantha Pleet Fall ’16 Lookbook: Flowers for Eyes

Images taken from Samantha Pleet website.  Photography by Miriam Marlene Waldner.  Modeled by Sophia Eisenhut. Hair and Makeup by Adriana Metzlaff. Shot on location in Germany.

Fun fact: I’ve been a fashion blogger since 2012, back when a lot of the ladies currently dominating the scene were posting shotty outfit photos on Lookbook–but I mean, weren’t we all? (Also, isn’t it really cool to see how some people have developed their style over the years? People continue to fascinate me.) While meeting other bloggers and working on photoshoots has been an absolute blast, especially in the past few months since I’ve started to take my site more seriously, my absolute FAVORITE aspect of blogging is being introduced to new brands I wouldn’t have found otherwise.
I’ve been following photographer & fashion designer Hannah Metz for quite a while now (she’s now the designer of her own label, H.K.M., another favorite), and it’s because of her site that I was introduced to the dreamy designs of Samantha Pleet.


Samantha Pleet is perhaps best known for the collections she designed with Wolverine and Urban Outfitters as well as her signature Tabernacle style.
I’m completely enamored with the latest collection of images, Flowers for Eyes, featuring garments from her Fall ’16 line. Perhaps one day when I’m not hemorrhaging money, I’ll add the Be Mine Jeans to my wardrobe (a girl can dream, right?)

You can view the full photoset on Samantha Pleet’s website.


‘Til next time, kittens!

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