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Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Effortless elegance. Sex appeal. Messy hair.
Brigitte Bardot is a master of personal style. She’s a renowned fashion icon and has an innate sexuality that complements her carefree spirit. Her simple outfits paired with her quintessential up-dos popularized the casual look in the 60s and have since painted her as a timeless style icon.

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Bardot not only has accomplishments in the fashion world but also in the realm of acting, singing (musicals!), and animal rights activism. I recently watched Viva Maria and fell in love with the outfits and Bardot’s character, a terrorist bent on emancipating the Spanish population from a vile regime. Mostly, I love Brigitte Bardot because she always looks so well-put-together even in something that would look dowdy or boring on a clothes hanger; she brings life to what she wears with her shining personality.

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Bardot’s so pretty biking around the French countryside in her cute little hat. Maybe one day I’ll go there and experience some of what she did.

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Love, KiKi

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