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Outfit of the Day: Big Hair & BB Dakota


Sometimes all it takes is looking at things from a fresh perspective.

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Outfit of the Day: Vintage Fur

I’m sure you’ve noticed (it’s been impossible to ignore, really) that it’s been well over a year since I did a blog post.  Now, I could sit here and feed you a wealth of excuses about my post-graduate existential crisis, how bizarre it’s been to adjust to a life working a full-time job, how I’ve wasted countless hours focusing on the aspects of my life I can’t change and letting that feeling fester into a despondence that inhibits my ability to finish any project…but why should I?
I started this endeavor as a way to express my sense of style, but somehow I turned it into this insurmountable obstacle for myself, letting myself believe that I wasn’t interesting or financially stable or creative enough to blog, and yet I was still prattling on to friends and strangers about the things I wanted to accomplish but not taking any steps to actualize those ideas.  Isn’t that really, really stupid?
I was talking with one of my best friends recently who is about to make a major life change, and we were discussing our respective plans for the future.  She said something to me that really resonated: she told me that for a long time she didn’t really understand the Nike slogan (“Just Do It”) or why people thought it was so compelling or why they needed some phrase to get them off their asses to get something done, especially something like exercise.  But once she was presented with this opportunity to pursue her dream, she had the revelation that she did just need to “do it,” to stop holding herself back and take the steps to enhance her life.
Sometimes I do think we subconsciously hold ourselves back due to fear or judgement or even because we feel that we’re supposed to, but these sometimes scary or life-altering opportunities often reap the greatest reward, even if there is a risk of failure.
This blog might seem like a small step in that direction,  but at least it’s a jumping-off point.  I’m reclaiming Cats in My Closet as my space where I can openly express my style and share my latest projects; I’m not claiming to be an expert or that my blog will change your life, I can’t even guarantee that I’ll post as regularly as I want to, but I will be taking steps to just “do” the things that interest me as a means of becoming the best version of myself possible.

Outfit Details:
Rabbit Fur Coat – Vintage
Floral Blouse – Forever 21
Bell Bottom High-Waisted Jeans – Nasty Gal
Clogs – Swedish Hasbeens
‘Til next time, kittens!

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Style Icon: Andie from Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies (aside from the Grease films, Hook, & other various Brat Pack flicks). Now, I’d be lying if I said that Duckie’s dance scene to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” didn’t spark an obsession with this film, as he is my soulmate even if he is fiction, but the styles in this movie seal the deal. Oh, be still my heart! I wish John Hughes were still alive today just so that he could write the script for my life, complete with cheesy 80s soundtrack and Molly Ringwald-esque bitchface.

Whenever I’m in a style rut, I’ll watch this movie and cry silently to myself about how perfect Andie’s outfits are–serious wardrobe envy. If you think about it, the most interesting characters–Duckie, Iona, Jenna–have such a striking (albeit outlandish) aesthetic; I’m sure the director had that in mind as a way of segmenting those with and without money in the film.


While on this point, I can really relate to Molly Ringwald’s character’s style choices in this movie.  Although it doesn’t reflect as much in my personal style as it used to (can you say mismatched everything?), I really love the mid-80s because of the blatant style risks involved in the decade. Andie specifically resonates with me because her character does a lot of DIY fashion, which wasn’t nearly as popular in the 80s as it is today–people really didn’t make their own clothes as it wasn’t on trend (unless you were a little kid like me and your mother made you every garment of clothing you owned before the age of 10, but more on that subject another day).
Andie predominately shops secondhand and makes wardrobe necessities a reality using a dull, shotty sketch pencil, a piece of paper, and a sewing machine; I’d say that’s pretty admirable.  Living through a similar financial situation, I’ve realized how much imagination it takes to harness personal style wants on a budget. DIY is definitely one of my favorite methods of achieving style success; I frequently look for vintage patterns at flea markets and scour thrift shops for goodies to tailor to my heart’s content.
Lesson learned:  Don’t be afraid of using your creative mind to get the look you really want from an outfit.


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink by moderndaygoldilocks

Above, I’ve put together a spring-themed modern interpretation of Andie’s style. I’ve included a lot of quirky accessories (notice the solitary earring of look three?) and vintage pieces, as she’s a thrifty kind of gal. This bowler hat by Topshop  is a perfect lightweight headpiece staple for the spring/summer season.  I was also fawning about how much the pink dress from H&M resembles the one from the film; too bad it’s sold out 🙁

Until next time, kittens!

Outfit of the Day: Retro Spring Style

I’m so sorry to have been on hiatus for so long! But good things are in store:  I finally bought a DSLR camera + tripod + remote. Which means I’ll no longer be using my shotty iPhone camera for outfit shots, and I won’t have to rely on anyone to take photos for me anymore. (Plus, I’m really awkward when I have pictures taken by other people, kind of like that episode of Friends when Chandler has trouble naturally smiling in photos).

My awkward factor didn’t completely dissapate in these photos, as Jordan and I were on the way to dinner, and I asked Jordan to take a few shots of my outfits. I’d say he did a damn good job for a first timer; he was so into taking pictures that he kept taking them the rest of dinner. He took some pretty unsightly photos of me eating that’ll make their place in a scrapbook one day.

We’ve finally got some Spring weather down in Charleston. I’ve been aching for this moment since I first started buying pastel dresses and sandals in January (I like to plan ahead). I went into Forever 21 after work the other day, and I swooned over this strawberry print blouse. Isn’t it just perfect for Spring? They didn’t have a small (*insert cry-face*), but the oversized fit allowed me to size up to a medium without the blouse looking completely weird. I may ask my friend Marie if she wants to go strawberry-picking again this year; now I’m getting a photo theme in mind (I’m such a dork).
I’m also a big fan of contrast in my outfits. When wearing something loose & flowing up top, I prefer to wear a tighter fit on the bottom. It really brings attention to my figure (yowsas!) and creates a balance to the ensemble.  The airiness of the shirt is a great juxtaposition to the weight of the denim below.

 Outfit Details:
Strawberry Blouse – Forever 21
Super High-Waisted Jean Shorts – eBay
Flower Crown – DIY
Platform Shoes – ModCloth
Fox Ring – Forever 21
Scallop Bag – ASOS



Every time I wear these shorts, I feel like I should be on the set of Now & Then–not to mention paired with my curly pixie cut. Retro chic, baby!
I hope everyone had a nice holiday. The kids around here are on Spring Break this week, so I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing a lot of action at work in the next few days. I’ll be sure to make time for posts though, honest!
‘Til next time, kittens.

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Outfit of the Day: Blog Relaunch + a Cease-and-Desist Letter

 Meow meow, all my little kittens, and thank you for checking out the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF COVERED IN CAT HAIR! *Hooray* I’ve been eager to (re)launch my blog for ages now, and I’ve finally gotten to a point where 1)I feel as though I have a wardrobe that reflects my personal tastes, 2) I know what I want to feature on my blog & how to organize it effectively, and 3) I’m on a semi-regular work schedule and can find time to take photos and post content. Yahoo!

 My boyfriend is currently touring, and he caught some of the nasty storms that are passing through from the Midwest to this way (down in the good ol’ south). The good news is that I, miraculously, didn’t catch any rain on my day off (Usually it always rains on my days off, or maybe I’m just that much of a pessimist…) and the wind aided the movement of my skirt in these photos. I live in South Carolina, so the winters (if I should even use that term) are generally mild; when I took these photos, it was in the 70s. I love where I live sometimes.

I recently purchased this high-low skirt at Target, which by the way has severely stepped up their game in the home + clothing departments, and realized that it is the only high-low skirt I own. For shame, because it’s wonderfully flowy & comfortable, AND it has polka dots on it—my obsession, as you’ll come to find out as CICH progresses. I think I’m going to use this skirt as a pattern to make my own using this gorgeous lavender silk fabric I picked up over the summer.

 And here I am looking a bit aloof. Have I mentioned that I’m not very photogenic?
  Sometimes I like to talk while pictures are being taken, and thus is the (hilarious) end result. If only I could remember what was being said…
Top – Forever 21
Skirt – Target
Shoes – Shoe Carnival? Maybe? They’re pretty old, and I have a terrible memory…
Flower Wreath – DIY
Collar Clips – Christmas Gift
My friend Marie lived in Austin, TX for a little while & was nice enough to pick me up some really cute collar clips for Christmas from a secondhand store. Those clips + this sweater = a match made in heaven. Troofin’. She knows my grandma-chic style so well.

Thanks for stopping by and for giving Covered in Cat Hair a shot. I’d like to take this blog and my dreams to big places, so stay tuned for more awesomeness to come. (I literally have a notebook full of ideas; GET EXCITED).
Editor’s Note: Not long after I established Covered in Cat Hair, I got a cease-and-desist from a lawyer as the name had already been trademarked. I’m pretty sure that blog doesn’t exist anymore, which I find pretty hilarious.

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Outfit of the Day: Community over Competition

So this has turned out to be QUITE the late post. Basically, my computer is a jerk and decided to go berserk (heh, look, I rhyme!) right before I submitted my post yesterday. Really, Windows? You fail me sometimes.

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Outfit of the Day: Mixing Patterns

Dress – Romwe
Tights – Forever 21
Hat & Bag- Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Forever 21
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Outfit of the Day: Feelin’ Sassy in H&M

Knit Sweater – H &M
Cut-Off Shorts – Thrifted
White Collared Shirt – Thrifted
Boots – Forever 21
Watch – Thrifted
Sunglasses – Claire’s
Red Clutch – Thrifted; Upcycled

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60s-Inspired Goldilocks

Since I got my hair cut post-graduation this past May, I’ve really gotten into the swing of 60s-style clothing (Also since watching Moonrise Kingdom, but that’s a whole other obsession that I won’t get into just yet). I’m attempting to grow my hair out, so I have been trying new styling techniques to avoid pulling out the scissors again–in this case, straightening my kinky-curly locks. According to my friends, I look pretty Twiggy-fied, so I must be doing something right 🙂

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