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Outfit of the Day: Atlanta Adventures with Lindsay Thomaston, Part 2

I’m back with part two of my outfit photo session with Lindsay Thomaston. I had an absolute blast hanging out with her in Atlanta (be sure to go to Java Cats next time you’re in the city, that place is magical!), it was so wonderful to meet a like-minded fashion blogger who is as ultra feminist and authentic as I am. It’s back to work again, so I’ll be keeping this post short and sweet.
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Winter Wishlist 2012

Winter Wishlist



I have to admit, dressing for the winter is not my forte, and I’ve never really been a person to adhere to fashion rules.  It’s warm about 80% of the year in Charleston, so I have close to no cold weather clothes and have to resort to layering in my short sleeves and cardis (meh). I’m hoping to change that tactic in the coming months–while on a strict loan repayment schedule, of course! My first big investment will be a jacket; the one I have is more than four years old and has seen far better days. I think the gingham blue double-breasted coat from OASAP will bring me many happy wears.

White is one of my favorite colors in winter, because it reminds me of the snow I’m missing out on, and it complements my freckled skin tone. I also prefer to have a lot of color in my wardrobe specifically for those depressing, dark winter months. I read a study once that said wearing bright colors positively affects mood, so I don them as much as possible. (Plus, black washes me out usually.)

Christmas tree stands started appearing ALL over town today, and I instantaneously felt a twinge of excitement for the coming season. It’s time for Vanilla Chai Soy Lattes and X-mas light exhibits. I’d better get started on stitching up some gifts for friends and family before I run out of time. Only 28 more days!

What are you looking forward to this winter?

Love, KiKi