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I want to sponsor the blog.

That’s exciting, we’d love to have you on board!  For those interested in sponsoring, please refer to the sponsor page.  It outlines everything you’ll need to know about working with Cats in My Closet. You can also view the full sponsorship kit.


Does Cats in My Closet accept blog post submissions/guest blogs?

No, we are not accepting guest posts at this time.  Sorry!


Why the name “Cats in My Closet?”

In reality, the name is an extension of Kristen’s laid-back cat lady personality that we want to present to the world of fashion. Often times, we come across media that suggests style is contingent on the money in your bank account and that caring about fashion makes a person shallow & superficial; we, of course, disagree with these sentiments. For Cats in My Closet, fashion is about individual perception. Personal style in its own right invokes creativity and confidence within someone and, in turn, is a valid declaration of self-expression. We’re here to say that there doesn’t have to be this realm full of pressures and snobs and failures; fashion is what you want it to be, and your wardrobe doesn’t have to be perfect according to anyone else’s standards but your own.  So sure, our clothes might be (perpetually) covered in cat hair, but we’re here to tell everyone to love your style because it’s uniquely yours.


What are the cats’ names?
Nibs! (Short for Nibbles, because he does this super cute thing where he nibbles the end of Kristen’s nose when he’s feeling affectionate.)
Clementine crossed the rainbow bridge in September 2016, with Mr. Mittens crossing in November 2017. We miss them dearly.


What camera does CIMC use? How does CIMC edit photos?

We currently use a Canon Rebel T3i with a Canon EF f/1.8 50 mm lens (the “nifty fifty”) along with a tripod and remote. We use Photoshop CC 2015 to edit all photos along with a Bambu Tablet.

Why did Kristen decide to start a fashion blog?

Kristen has had an interest in clothing ever since she was little. Her mom is a professional seamstress and frequently used her as a guinea pig for her latest sewing creations (let’s just say she wore a lot of Milford originals growing up.) Her mother’s love of creating and her sense of style were passed down, but for a while she wasn’t sure how to get more involved and was forced to leave fashion behind as a deep-seeded hobby.
In 2008 while studying for her Bachelor’s, she stumbled across Lookbook and realized that people were rewriting the blogging industry–literally.  Instead of daily gripes and “angles” photos, like she was used to with sites like LiveJournal and MySpace (god, that makes us feel old), people were posting pictures of their daily outfits. After doing more research, she realized people were getting to collaborate with companies that she admired and were forming underground support networks with each other. Kristen was fascinated but was also pretty hesitant to start a blog without really having a clear concept of her own taste (cue the self-doubt), so for a while, she just wistfully followed her peers while taking an introspective approach on what constitutes “style.” As she watched the blogging world explode in the following years, she realized that it was time to get off of her ass, stop thinking so much, and get involved in this young industry.
Kristen started Cats in My Closet specifically after realizing her obsession with personal style and how it relates to perceptions of others. It’s amazing how reflective outfit choices are of someone’s persona; we’re drawn in by people who wear beautiful, interesting and sometimes outlandish get-ups and accessories, because they aren’t afraid to flaunt their personalities. Cats in My Closet is enthralled by the concept of style being a tangible and evolving thing.

What are Kristen’s measurements?
Height : 5’3″
Bust: 38 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Hips: 39 inches
Shoe Size: 7 (U.S.)
Dress Size: 6 (U.S.)

Is Kristen’s hair naturally curly? What is her daily routine?

Yes, Kristen’s hair is naturally curly. She only washes her hair about once or twice a week, otherwise it gets all frizzy.  She uses Olaplex and Bb. Curl (Bumble and bumble) shampoo and conditioner as well as Batiste dry shampoo for the days that are a tad greasy. For styling, she uses DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler, DevaCurl Set it Free Hair Mist, and DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hair Spray and either lets her hair air dry or will blow dry with a diffuser.  She has psoriasis on her scalp so she’s required to use a medicated shampoo twice a week.


Why did Kristen and Jordan break up? Does she have a new boyfriend?

You can read more about the break-up here. She is currently enjoying the single life and does not have plans to date anyone new for a long while, so for the love of god PLEASE stop asking.

Where are Cats in My Closet’s favorite places to shop?

We do a lot of online shopping and have much to explore in the Charleston area as far as local shops go.  We’ve compiled some shopping guides as well as a list of favorite stores that readers can browse. (Coming soon!)

What’s Kristen’s ethnicity?

Kristen comes from German and Irish roots on her father’s side, and she is of Native American heritage on her mother’s side. Her mother, brother and herself are members of the Santee Tribe, a small tribe based in South Carolina.  Kristen’s aunt has spent her lifetime fully ingrained in research and has even started a nonprofit organization that hosts events honoring tribes in the area.  Before you ask, they don’t live on reservations or own casinos, and no, she doesn’t get a check from the government every month.


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