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My Recent Disappearance

Hello, my lovely readers. As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much this week.  I’ve always felt that as much as I love blogs that report on fashion trends and how-to goodies, I connect better with bloggers and people in general that share personal endeavors, challenges, and successes with their readers.  Revealing those intermediate and central layers in an interpersonal light shows a side of someone that allows for a deeper connection and an overall understanding of human emotion and motivations–something I want for myself as much as my friends and readers.

I experienced quite a bit of a mini-financial crisis. I graduated from university around three months ago, and my student loans are coming up due the beginning of December. I borrowed money from a private company, which means more money to borrow but little leniency for a payment schedule. This leads me to the crisis I experienced: They expected me to come up with roughly $2,000 a month to cover my loan expenses in only eight years! I experienced about ten anxiety attacks in about the span of eight hours–dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

After taking a day to wig out, because I could never come up with that much money per month even with five jobs, my mother eventually called the next day and settled the matter:  Turns out, the first advisor I spoke to steered me in the wrong direction and lied to me about the amount, and my mother got it reduced to $575 a month (What an angel!).

Another small reason for my disappearance is my health. Those who don’t know me personally aren’t aware of my recurring fainting spells; I’ve been dealing with them for around ten or so years now, and the reason still can’t be pinpointed by doctors. The unpredictability of my loss of consciousness has presented issues with my current job as the condition continues to worsen, so I’ve been scheduling appointments left and right to try and figure out what is causing my syncopy after years of struggling.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as I continue to get tests at the hospital these next few months.  Until then, I’ll probably be lounging around my house watching Daria and posting occasionally on less hectic days 😉

I hope that this little slice of vulnerability on my end can help me better connect with each of you in a special way–maybe even it’ll convince you to do the same.

What has everyone else been up to this week?

Love, KiKi

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