October 2016 Playlist: Haunted - Cats in My Closet

October 2016 Playlist: Haunted

Once upon a time, I had a segment on my blog called Tunesday, where I highlighted musicians that I found inspiring in some way or who had some profound impact on my psyche and made me the *fabulous* person I am today.  As I got more into my niche, however, I found myself wanting to devote more time to my sartorial side and the music bit sort of, well, fell to the wayside. Meh, it happens. (I also was super wannabe-alt in college and ran a music tumblr. Truly a gem of times long past.)


While I’ve decided to hone in on a fashion-oriented content plan, I’ve come to realize that music and fashion are intrinsically connected: musicians frequently front brand campaigns; designers agonize over what songs to feature on the runway or in commercials; hell, a lot of musicians date famous runway models (I still can’t talk about St. Vincent and Cara Delevingne’s supposed split, it’s too painful.)


As such, I’ve decided to compile a playlist for the month of October.  The theme is a loose interpretation of “haunted,” featuring tracks that have been in heavy rotation via my Spotify account. Because it’s my playlist and I do what I want, I’ve also added the ultimate queen of contemporary rap, Junglepussy. Y’all enjoy.

‘Til next time, kittens!

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