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Outfit of the Day: Blog Relaunch + a Cease-and-Desist Letter

 Meow meow, all my little kittens, and thank you for checking out the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF COVERED IN CAT HAIR! *Hooray* I’ve been eager to (re)launch my blog for ages now, and I’ve finally gotten to a point where 1)I feel as though I have a wardrobe that reflects my personal tastes, 2) I know what I want to feature on my blog & how to organize it effectively, and 3) I’m on a semi-regular work schedule and can find time to take photos and post content. Yahoo!

 My boyfriend is currently touring, and he caught some of the nasty storms that are passing through from the Midwest to this way (down in the good ol’ south). The good news is that I, miraculously, didn’t catch any rain on my day off (Usually it always rains on my days off, or maybe I’m just that much of a pessimist…) and the wind aided the movement of my skirt in these photos. I live in South Carolina, so the winters (if I should even use that term) are generally mild; when I took these photos, it was in the 70s. I love where I live sometimes.

I recently purchased this high-low skirt at Target, which by the way has severely stepped up their game in the home + clothing departments, and realized that it is the only high-low skirt I own. For shame, because it’s wonderfully flowy & comfortable, AND it has polka dots on it—my obsession, as you’ll come to find out as CICH progresses. I think I’m going to use this skirt as a pattern to make my own using this gorgeous lavender silk fabric I picked up over the summer.

 And here I am looking a bit aloof. Have I mentioned that I’m not very photogenic?
  Sometimes I like to talk while pictures are being taken, and thus is the (hilarious) end result. If only I could remember what was being said…
Top – Forever 21
Skirt – Target
Shoes – Shoe Carnival? Maybe? They’re pretty old, and I have a terrible memory…
Flower Wreath – DIY
Collar Clips – Christmas Gift
My friend Marie lived in Austin, TX for a little while & was nice enough to pick me up some really cute collar clips for Christmas from a secondhand store. Those clips + this sweater = a match made in heaven. Troofin’. She knows my grandma-chic style so well.

Thanks for stopping by and for giving Covered in Cat Hair a shot. I’d like to take this blog and my dreams to big places, so stay tuned for more awesomeness to come. (I literally have a notebook full of ideas; GET EXCITED).
Editor’s Note: Not long after I established Covered in Cat Hair, I got a cease-and-desist from a lawyer as the name had already been trademarked. I’m pretty sure that blog doesn’t exist anymore, which I find pretty hilarious.

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