Outfit of the Day: Springtime Sunsets with Frenchie Vintage (Sponsored) - Cats in My Closet

Outfit of the Day: Springtime Sunsets with Frenchie Vintage (Sponsored)

I know I talk about this a lot (or maybe not enough??), but anxiety is a bitch.  Even with Adavan I still feel like I’m struggling to be a normal, functioning human being on certain days.  Having anxiety when you are in a field like fashion or blogging where you’re expected to be a ~people person~ makes it incredibly difficult to find the willpower to network. (Also, does anybody else feel like “network” is such a dirty word?? Like, meeting people for the sole purpose of working together, it seems like such a bizarre social construct and sort of a nauseating byproduct of capitalism??)


Given that tangent, I’m proud to say that I kicked my anxiety in the teeth and worked with not one but TWO new photographers on blog posts, AND I posed with a model I’d never met before. KiKi – 1 // Anxiety – ZERO.

All photos taken by Arial Hudler

The two photographers I shot with are Brittany Nailon, a photography student at The Art Institute of Charleston, and Arial Hudler.  I had an absolute blast and 10/10 would shoot with them again.  Post-shoot, we had an enlightening conversation about how it can be difficult to meet collaborators in the age of digital media because people are so damn flaky. We’re going to have a brunch sometime soon to discuss what we can do to revamp the creative scene from being so closed-off to more of a thriving artist community.
As for me, my goal is to continue to seek other photographers, videographers, makeup artists, guest bloggers–whoever–as a means of widening my social circle and challenging myself to adapt to different styles. I recently joined an app called Overlap, per the recommendation of Brittany and Arial, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who works in design, photography, modeling, makeup, or even blogging.  The app is a social network designed specifically for creatives seeking local work.  Because of this app, I may even have another shoot in the works 😼  (Stay tuned!)

Outfit Details:
White bell sleeve dress – Urban Outfitters
Vintage floral pinafore dress c/o Frenchie Vintage
Astrology earrings c/o Astrology Jewelry
Black shoes & cat bag – ModCloth



‘Til next time, kittens!


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