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Outfit of the Day: There’s a Cat in My Pocket

I’ve got a little stowaway in my pocket today ūüėČ I’m still deciding on what to name him. He looks a lot like my cat Mr. Mittens, only¬†much¬†thinner (Kittums has become quite the chubster).
It’s been an incredibly eventful week for me, and those of you who know me in real life, there’s big news. My computer was on the fritz, seeing as how it had OVER 1,000 VIRUSES–I didn’t even realize that was possible?!–but Geek Squad managed to fix the problem at no cost to me (thank goodness). And, the best part of the week, I got a full-time job I can use my degree for. I start at the end of the month, which means I can finally afford to¬†move out of my parents’ house and in with Jordan! I’m¬†glad to finally have a place of my own to decorate and where the kitties can roam to their hearts’ content.


As much as I hate¬†living in Summerville,¬†the aesthetics are unbeatable. I tried to capture a few shots of the Azaleas, but they were halfway dead by the time I got around¬†to taking photos. Easy come,¬†easy go, I suppose. I’m still trying to figure out my best poses and how to work my camera, but these photos¬†turned out quite nice aside from the contorted¬†expressions on¬†my face.
At one point, a professional photographer saw me struggling(?) and offered to take pictures. I was a bit taken aback, and I got¬†extremely¬†uncomfortable; I only let him take a shot or two before I scurried away. Leave it to me to have such a random encounter. The up-close of my face is the one he took; I like the pose, but, again, I’m a creature of habit, and I prefer doing things on my own.


Outfit Details:
Flower Crown –¬†DIY
Blouse –¬†LalaMagic
Shorts –¬†Thrifted & Altered
Kitty Paper¬†Doll¬†–¬†JordanGraceOwens¬†Shop
Shoes –¬†Vintage
Socks –¬†American¬†Apparel
Satchel¬†Bag –¬†Target



¬†I’m on my way to setting up an editorial calendar for the blog, and I’ve been scribbling down ideas left and right. Once I start my big-girl job, then I’ll be on a set schedule to make these posts happen. Huzzah!

‘Til next time, kittens!

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