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Outfit of the Day: Vintage Fur

I’m sure you’ve noticed (it’s been impossible to ignore, really) that it’s been well over a year since I did a blog post.  Now, I could sit here and feed you a wealth of excuses about my post-graduate existential crisis, how bizarre it’s been to adjust to a life working a full-time job, how I’ve wasted countless hours focusing on the aspects of my life I can’t change and letting that feeling fester into a despondence that inhibits my ability to finish any project…but why should I?
I started this endeavor as a way to express my sense of style, but somehow I turned it into this insurmountable obstacle for myself, letting myself believe that I wasn’t interesting or financially stable or creative enough to blog, and yet I was still prattling on to friends and strangers about the things I wanted to accomplish but not taking any steps to actualize those ideas.  Isn’t that really, really stupid?
I was talking with one of my best friends recently who is about to make a major life change, and we were discussing our respective plans for the future.  She said something to me that really resonated: she told me that for a long time she didn’t really understand the Nike slogan (“Just Do It”) or why people thought it was so compelling or why they needed some phrase to get them off their asses to get something done, especially something like exercise.  But once she was presented with this opportunity to pursue her dream, she had the revelation that she did just need to “do it,” to stop holding herself back and take the steps to enhance her life.
Sometimes I do think we subconsciously hold ourselves back due to fear or judgement or even because we feel that we’re supposed to, but these sometimes scary or life-altering opportunities often reap the greatest reward, even if there is a risk of failure.
This blog might seem like a small step in that direction,  but at least it’s a jumping-off point.  I’m reclaiming Cats in My Closet as my space where I can openly express my style and share my latest projects; I’m not claiming to be an expert or that my blog will change your life, I can’t even guarantee that I’ll post as regularly as I want to, but I will be taking steps to just “do” the things that interest me as a means of becoming the best version of myself possible.

Outfit Details:
Rabbit Fur Coat – Vintage
Floral Blouse – Forever 21
Bell Bottom High-Waisted Jeans – Nasty Gal
Clogs – Swedish Hasbeens
‘Til next time, kittens!

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