Summer Wishlist 2015 - Cats in My Closet

Summer Wishlist 2015

Summer is FINALLY here, you guys! I’ve experienced so many drastic changes during 2015 that the summer season is the one thing in my life that never disappoints. I’m working at a much more flexible job these days, so I’m going to take advantage of trips to the beach, check out the latest restaurants opening around town (I hear we’re actually getting an authentic Mexican restaurant on the peninsula, so that’s exciting), gorge myself on Jeni’s ice cream until I vomit, and go for bike rides around town on days when I don’t feel like the world is melting outside.

I’ve also made it a point to support more local shops, so on my next day off I’m going to play a tourist in my own city for a hot minute (no pun intended…who am I kidding, yes it was.) I was actually thinking of creating a Charleston guide of sorts for the out-of-town readers, would anyone be interested?
Before anybody gets nitpicky, I understand citrus season is technically over by April, but I’ve been dying for this Dear Creatures dress since I saw an Instagram shot from a trade show about six months ago. Amazing how I can remember a citrus pattern on a dress from half a year ago but forget when bills are due, ha! This cut is the most flattering for my body shape, but Dear Creatures also carries a maxi dress as well as a swing dress in the same print.
I’ve managed to filter out all of the clothes I own that don’t fit, and I’m slowly adding new stuff that actually suits my 26-year-old lifestyle.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I need to think of my style as something that is curated with love over time instead of spending my money on fast-fashion pieces that will fall apart in a year. I’m feeling much more inspired, and I can’t wait to get some style posts together to show all of you.  ‘Til next time, kittens!