November 2016 Playlist: All the Feels - Cats in My Closet

November 2016 Playlist: All the Feels

Image: Arvida Bystrom photographed by Petra Collins for Vice


I don’t know about you guys, but something about this time of year amplifies feelings. Is it just me? (It could be, as I’ve been hella sleep deprived the past few weeks.)


Whether it’s sadness or joy or even more complex emotions such as restlessness, gratitude or desperation, the fall weather makes me extremely susceptible to my surroundings and the energy of those around me.  As such, I curated this playlist which I’ve aptly named “All the Feels” to convey the persistent shifts in mood as the weather around us inevitably cools down and the days grow shorter.


Ranging from the eccentricities of relationships portrayed by Bjork to the twee sounds of Talulah Gosh and the lovesick and slightly forlorn “They Always Fly Away” by Blouse, these tunes all exude a sense of passion and a sort of uncertainty which fits perfectly at Autumn’s peak as the foliage slowly dies and makes way for the biting cold of winter. Heavy stuff, man.



‘Til next time, kittens!