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Outfit of the Day: ModCloth Cat Sweater (plus a bonus DIY!)

It’s been tooooo long since I’ve spent time updating my blog! Remember how I told all of you back in the day that I would teach you how to make button earrings? The day has finally arrived. I found these buttons at a store called Mary Jo’s in North Carolina. My good friend Nicky told me about the store, and my mother and I had a blast browsing around. It’s so huge! I also got these great pastel fabrics that I’ve used to make a few skirts for the (tail-end of) summer.

The artist who designed these also had a few more of dogs, ducks, horses–basically any animal you could want. I like making buttons into earrings, but non-conventional ones add flair to your duds for you personalizers out there.  As far as DIY goes, this project is very simple and only took maybe 15 minutes maximum including drying time.


Step 1: The back of your button needs a flat surface, so you can either 1) Take jewelrycutters (like the one pictured above) and hack away at the back until it’s flat or 2) Take pliers and pull the back out. I chose the “hacking” method because the button hole is made of plastic; for metal button-backs, I would suggest using pliers.
(Geez, I really need to clean my glue gun. How embarassing :O )
Step 2: Once you’ve (mostly) flattened out the back, find an earring back set in the bag. Place a small dab of hot glue in the center of the soon-to-be earring and press down the flat end of the earring back so that the pointed side faces up.

KiKi Says: Make sure you don’t put on too much hot glue, or else you’ll end up with what I call little “spider webs” that will dangle from your earrings. Yikes!

Step 3: Give the earrings an ample amount of time to dry, and match each earring with a back. I made the mistake of not giving them enough time, and PLOP! it fell right off, so I had to do it again. Even nowadays, I’m still doing trial-and-error 🙂
And behold, the finished product!

Not only did I get to make these kitty-tastic earrings today, but my new Modcloth sweater came in today too! It was quite a splurge at $99, but it was worth EVERY penny. It fits like a dream, even with UK sizing, and I have gotten so many compliments while wearing it today.

Shirt: Vintage-Exchange Factor
Sweater (Meow!): Modcloth
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vintage-JLSnider
Earrings: D.I.Y.

Even though it’s still INCREDIBLY warm here, I was determined to wear this sweater as soon as I got it. I think the post-lady was freaked out, because I was stalking the door waiting for it to arrive. Oops? Also, the quality of my photos is lacking because: a) I still don’t have (and can’t really afford) a decent camera or photoshop and b) I was alone most of today with nobody able to take any full-body shots, and I can’t really rig a tripod with my iPhone, now can I? I’m hoping to eliminate these issues as my blog continues to evolve.

I’m headed back to work again tomorrow. It’s funny how your days off seem to go by faster than the days you work. Even when I’m not working, the job hunt to start my big-girl career I’m struggling with takes up most of my free time, but I’ll be better about updating my blog every now and again, pinky swear!

What is everybody up to this upcoming weekend? Is anybody else up for sweater weather?

Love, KiKi

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