Outfit of the Day: Feelin' Sassy in H&M - Cats in My Closet

Outfit of the Day: Feelin’ Sassy in H&M

Knit Sweater – H &M
Cut-Off Shorts – Thrifted
White Collared Shirt – Thrifted
Boots – Forever 21
Watch – Thrifted
Sunglasses – Claire’s
Red Clutch – Thrifted; Upcycled

For starters, I’d like to point my out grandma haircut, tee hee! (I need a new dye job too, now that I think about it. I’m long overdue.) My hair is currently growing out from a pixie cut, and somedays it just does what it wants. I’ve given up on the fight. I’m considering doing a post about how to style hair in what I call the “awkward phase”–between cuts and growing out. Would anybody be interested?


I decided to go for a casual look today–a blend of comfort & new clothing items. I got these boots from Forever 21 for $10 yesterday, and they are slowly becoming a wardrobe staple for the Fall season. Unfortunately, it’s still just a tad too warm to bring out the pants & scarves, but I’m looking forward to the season change.
Deep down in my heart, I think I’m naturally a minimalist destined to channel the likes of Bardot & other ravishing 60s babes. Now if only my hair would grow back out…

On another more personal note, my big-girl-job hunt is starting and I’m really stressing out about finding a job in this wretched economy. I’m looking specifically in NYC for PR work (Brooklyn-bound!), but eventually I want to go back to school for fashion design. I’m trying to be patient, but that’s my biggest character flaw -_-
In the meantime, to keep my head on straight, I’ve been working on some creative projects such as character sketches, my blog header design–things of that nature. My most recent hobby has been making little greeting cards to send out to friends.I’ll be sure to post more of my projects & creations as they come along.
What are some of the ways you like to be creative?
Love, KiKi

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