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Outfit of the Day: Mixing Patterns

Dress – Romwe
Tights – Forever 21
Hat & Bag- Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Forever 21



I’ve been searching for polka dot tights for FOREVER! I couldn’t find any that were cheaper than $25 + shipping, but I managed to find literally the last pair at Forever 21 for only $5. It was like fate was speaking to me and saying “Whatchu waitin’ for gir’, BUY DEM TIGHTS!!!” (Yes, fate sounds like a version of Madea. Don’t hate!). On top of that, I made a new friend named Kyle that works there who helped me find them WHO just so happens to be Lookbook famous. He was so complimentative and so adorable in real life. I hope me knowing who he was didn’t freak him out ^.^
I’m not posting as regularly as I should, mostly because I’ve been stressing out about applying for post-college jobs. The job market is in more turmoil than I expected, but I’m still aiming high for NYC. I have a few friends up there, and I’m beyond ready to take such a big leap. I just wish I were better at saving money…the clothes & shoes, they just tempt me so.
I have quite a few ideas in mind for updating my blog, and some really cool posts are in store. Until then, I will continue sending out my resume, consume gallons of pumpkin ice cream, & (hopefully) invest in a camera + tripod. I’ll also continue to invest in tights for the (pre-)fall season, because they are one of my favorite fall accessories next to scarves.
What are some of your favorite fall accessories? Anybody burnt out on pumpkin products yet?!
Love, KiKi

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