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Outfit of the Day: Dreamy Photoshoot with Stephanie Stein Photography

I am SO EXCITED to share this outfit post with all of you! I took a lot of time to reflect on the blog this past year when I was at the peak of my depression, and I pondered what I could do to improve the site’s overall look and feel in correlation with my ideas.  After a lot of reflection, I realized that Cats in My Closet is honestly lacking quality photography, which is vital as a fashion blogger: we live in the age of competition, where everybody and their mother (literally, mom blogs everywhere) has a website, so photos are a strong indicator of the type of content readers can expect to see on your blog.  We’re talking a window of mere seconds before someone either says “Oh my gawd, this girl looks like the anime ingenue of my dreams” or “Ugh, pink wig, NEXT.”  Needless to say, photos are pretty important.

Which brings me to this phenomenal photo set.  I had the pleasure of working with photographer Stephanie of Stephanie Stein Photography on my first ever professional photo shoot! As you all know, I have hella anxiety and I was super nervous about getting my picture taken by a complete stranger, but she really captured the dreamy vibe I wanted, and I felt so comfortable working with her.  She got exquisite shots of my outfit and my pink wig in all of its glory.  I can assure you that you’ll see more of her work on my blog in the future, it was an absolute joy to have her on board.
Outfit details:
Dress – Free People
Wig – Lockshop Wigs (Style is Mermaid Peach)
J Ring – Vintage (hand-me-down from my mom!)

Again, another massive thank you to Stephanie Stein Photography for these incredible shots.

‘Til next time, kittens!

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